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Our goal is to provide the market and customers with quality pressure washers and garden tools

factory of Zhejiang Jiucheng Cleaning Equipment Co,Ltd

About Jiucheng

Zhejiang Jiucheng Cleaning Equipment Co,Ltd., located in Xinchang, close to Ningbo port, is

professional electric and Lithium Battery High pressure washer manufacturers, suppliers and factory in China

which dedicated to innovative design, independent development and exporting of all types of high pressure washers, cleaning products.
Our products covering high pressure cleaner, cordless high pressure washer and high performance lithium battery pressure washer and related tools. We also invested and developed gardening tools, including lawn mower, chain saw, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, grass trimmer, bush cutter etc.
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Technology R & D

Brilliant Design Meets Marvelous Manufacturing


  • Strong R&D team
  • High percentage of R&D costs
  • New products into market every year
  • Innovative design in appearance and technology  
  • High performance pump

Patent & Certification

  • 100+ certificates of patent
  • ISO 9001 certificated

Quality Control

  • Accurate quality system
  • Quality first philosophy
  • Professional quality control
  • Reliable inspection equipment

Team strength

  • Rich experiences in this industry
  • Emphasized on introduction and training of talents
  • Focus on team building and personal ability improvement 
  • Strong strength of team working spirits

ODM & OEM Capability

  • Tooling customized capable
  • Color customized capable
  • Appearances customized capable
  • OEM capable 

Wide Range of Applications

  • Household cleaning
  • Vehicles cleaning
  • Outdoor furniture cleaning
  • Water flowers 

Latest Updates

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