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Cleaning Equipment - Nearly 30 years of history.

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Innovative Technology,
Lean Manufacture,Quality Excellence.

  • R&D

    • Strong R&D team
    • High percentage of R&D costs
    • New products into market every year
    • Innovative design in appearance and technology  
    • High performance pump
  • Patent & Certification

    • 100+ certificates of patent
    • ISO 9001 certificated
  • Quality Control

    • Accurate quality system
    • Quality first philosophy
    • Professional quality control
    • Reliable inspection equipment
  • Team strength

    • Rich experiences in this industry
    • Emphasized on introduction and training of talents
    • Focus on team building and personal ability improvement 
    • Strong strength of team working spirits
  • ODM & OEM Capability

    • Tooling customized capable
    • Color customized capable
    • Appearances customized capable
    • OEM capable 
  • Wide Range of Applications

    • Household cleaning
    • Vehicles cleaning
    • Outdoor furniture cleaning
    • Water flowers 

Awards & Patent

  • Training

  • Team building hiking

  • Team building

  • Skill Training

  • L2 Award

Lean manufacturing for good pressure washer

1. The pump of our high pressure washer is designed and manufactured in our own factory. With nearly 30 years of improvement, our aluminum pump is 3~5 times more efficiency than others.

2. We keeps introducing advanced technology and automatic assembly line to our factory to get better and reliable quality of products.

3. One click connect function is equipped to all of our high pressure washer and it is the leading method to connect quickly and easily. When customers are using cleaning machine it is very convenient for them to use the machine with no time wasting on complex assembly.